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Metformin Lawsuit

Metformin is a type of drug that is mostly taken by people who are suffering from type 2 diabetes. Thou, the drug has been approved by administration of food and drug. It has side effects. There are cases that have risen up, where people who took the drug died because of a kidney failure and others developed lactic acidosis. Lactic acidosis can be described as a buildup of lactic acid that occurs in the bloodstream and kills if it is not cured early.  The drug can cause lactic acidosis, especially to people whose kidneys are not functioning well.

A lot of people have tried so much to form a Metformin lawsuit, but they have not succeeded. This is because the drug, which is under the brand name of glucophage, has notified the consumers about the metformin side effects on the box of the Metformin that it has a side effect that can be potentially fatal. This warning has been clearly written on the box and given enough proof that they do have side effects. That’s why most people have now succeeded in the court cases. Therefore, it is up to the responsibility of the doctor and patient to know the side effects of Metformin.

If you are a patient taking the drug, it is essential for to be aware of the signs and symptoms of lactic acidosis. Some of the most common symptoms are severe weakness, rapid breathing and shortness in breathing. If you witness these symptoms, visit a doctor as soon as possible. If you are using any Metformin medication stop using it until the doctor says that you are safe. It is also vital for the doctor to test you lactic acidosis and be treated before the condition becomes worse.

Lawsuits concerning the drug have been successful if only a doctor was targeted. The manufactures of the drug have stated clearly on the box that patients who experience kidney difficulties should not take the drug. There was a report which was published by the American Medical Association and stated that a good number of medical experts have given patients Metformin, even when the patient is suffering from a heart or kidney problem. The report also says that most doctors are not aware of the side effects of the drug, and they do not know that they are giving a patient the drug even when it has been written on the black box.


Today, there is no any lawsuit against the drug or a brand name that is closely related to the drug. Before taking the drug, it is important to talk to a doctor to make sure that the drug is safe to use. If you are not sure whether the doctor is saying the truth, feel free to contact another doctor. Most doctors and patients say that it is the manufacturers fault if a patient experiences serious symptom. This is false because, the drug has been written warnings as well as instructions that help in preventing lactic acidosis and death to occur. This words need to be mentioned several times that, Metformin hcl is a safe drug, if it is used in the right way, and it is not different from the other drugs. If you do not use the drug in the right way except serious consequences, therefore, patients who want to use the drug, they should not use it if they are suffering from a kidney or heart problem to avoid death.

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