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Metformin Dosage

When it comes to the treatment or reduction of blood sugar in both adults and children in the most recent times, Metformin hcl, often referred to as Metformin 500mg or Metformin glucophage is known to be the most effective and the most widely  and common prescribed by health care providers. This makes this very medication the best and most often prescribed for the treatment of type 2 diabetes and related ailments.  However, in all these, metformin dosage plays very significant role in determining its effectiveness in any of these cases. This implies that though the medication is acknowledged to be the most effective, yet its dosage during medication can greatly affect its effectiveness.

As a matter of fact, metformin dosage is always a serious factor when treating diabetic patients with contraindications since it can cause serious side effects, though, such side effects may not pose significant risks to health when properly handled. In such cases, it leads to lactic acidosis which is a buildup of lactates in the blood of the patient when there is an overdose of medication.

In determining metformin dosage for patients, there are things that must be considered; there are two significant types of Metformin. The first is Metformin HCL specifically for the treatment of diabetes and blood sugar reduction, and the other is regular metformin often known and marketed as metformin ER. However all are one and the same, and sometimes are not differentiated among some health care providers. It comes in both tablet and long acting form.

Like most drugs metformin come in strength categories, and there are  specific strength categories for metformin ranging from the lowest to the highest strength and the ability of the physician to administer  the right metformin dosage in line with these varying strength categories determines its effectiveness on the patient so administered.

Metformin HCL comes in 5 specific categories of strength ranging from HCL 500 mg, 626 mg, 750, 850 and 1000 mg respectively. To Metformin Dosageachieve the needed effectiveness in children, the required metformin dosage start with HCL 500 mg to be taken 2 times daily for ages of 10 to 16 while those above the age range is given the option of either starting with 500 mg to be taken 2 times daily or rather go for 850 mg to be taken just once for the whole day. However, for Metformin ER, the starting dosage is only 500 mg to be taken once for the whole day, no alternative option in this case.

So, in medicating with metformin, there is need to understand or know the strength as well as the very type of the drug that you are being offered by your physician. This will go a very long way to determine the dosage and the possible options available. The dosage of metformin in turn determines the rate of recovery since it directly determines effectiveness of the treatment. As earlier said, the dosage can also determine the possibility of side effects especially in patients with contraindications which is said to raise serious concerns but poses less significant risks.

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