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Metformin and Hair Loss

Metformin is a diabetic medicine and it is usually prescribed to people with “adult onset” diabetes. It is different from the other diabetic pills because it works in a way that improves the response of the body towards insulin and reduces the output of sugar in the liver. It has also been discovered to have the effect of lowering blood fats and reducing the risk of contracting heart diseases. Metformin should be taken with meals and it is very effective if a patient follows a sensible diet.

In recent times there has been so much talk about metformin hcl and hair loss.  So far I haven’t come across any research that shows that metformin hcl causes hair loss. When lab tests were conducted on metformin, hair loss was never a side effect of the medicine. There has been some complains that metformin causes hair loss.  The only thing I have discovered in my research is that hair loss occurs to women who have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and they taken metformin. However operations and treatment is available for those who suffer from hair loss. Keep in mind that just because the research has shown that metformin hcl does not cause hair loss it won’t cause it on you. Be on the alert and if you experience hair loss contact your doctor. If the doctor thinks that metformin hcl is the cause of your hair loss he or she will recommend that you try another medicine to treat your diabetic condition.

Metformin dosage is the taking of the right amount of metformin that a patient should take. It is recommended that for mellitus type 2 the patient should take 500mg two times a day orally. It should be taken with meals and the maximum metformin dosage is 2500mg. People suffering from renal disease should take extra care when using metformin. This is because metformin dosage can lead to Lactic acidosis.

When taking metformin dosage make sure that you abide by the doctors prescription. Effects of a metformin overdose are severe. If you have taken an overdose of metformin seek medical advice immediately. An overdose of metformin has the following effects; lactic acidosis and low blood sugar whose symptoms include dizziness, shakiness, blurry vision, sweating, cold sweats and extreme hunger. Lactic acidosis makes a person feel tired and weak; to have a cold feeling, muscle pain, dizziness, breathing problems and it can even cause death. The treatment of metformin dosage varies. It may involve supportive care, the use of medicines or the placing of tubes into the stomach.

Those taking metformin hcl should know that this medicine will work best if exercise and diet forms part of their daily program. This will assist them in curing the disease completely and avoid getting into dangerous situations. Metformin medication is not prescribed to all the people who are suffering from diabetes. Doctors usually advise their patients who are suffering from peripheral arterial disease and blood clotting disorder. This is a precaution to avoid an increase in clot risks. Metformin is also used by people who are at risk of contracting type 2 diabetes and therefore reducing their chances of contracting this disease but intensive physical exercise and dieting is needed for the medicine to work.


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